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Opening and exhibition - Petr Gruber - Silent places

February 3rd | 6 - 10 pm

In his paintings, Petr Gruber updates the current relationship to landscape and space. As an exceptionally well-equipped colorist, he sees the places he visits in their essential purity and reduced form composition. He subtracts from the picture their mundane, banal dimension, the touristic and consumerist aura, looks away from the superfluous in order to support the unique atmosphere of a specific genius loci with a painterly expression. These locations tend to be mountain huts, sheds, slopes, campsites, sharply winding roads, forest interiors, quiet shores of lakes and rivers, but also interiors of recreational facilities, from which radiates an atmosphere of habitation, time spent as a community or as a partner, human memory and specific memories. Sometimes a certain constellation of notorious objects or the equipment of recreational objects provokes the author to record certain civil moods, which nostalgically return us back in time to childhood and adolescence, to a time that has already passed irretrievably. The color and shape reduction of natural scenery with specific visual dominant elements (objects, trees, lamps, paths, lighting ramps, etc.) create captivating pictorial constellations, whose sense of contemplation and contemplation is prescribed in the title of the exhibition Silent Places.


Petr Gruber - Silent Places Curator: Petr Vaňous

Graphic design for the exhibition: Eva Hanzalová

The exhibition will run from Fabruary 4 to March 11, 2023 Opening: Fab 3, 2023 from 6 to 10 pm

Music at the opening: Pavel Aeling

We look forward to meeting you!



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