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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

February 25th - August 25th, 2022

The ART PRAGUE SCULPTURE 2022 exhibition brings a fleeting probe into the contemporary Czech sculptural environment focused mainly on the youngest generation of artists and purposefully combined with a show of works by already established authors of the middle generation. On the ten floors of the first skyscraper in Prague and also outside in the exterior of Dům Radost in Žižkov, you will see the objects of six male sculptors and five female sculptors, each with a completely different language of expression. The greatest diversity of sculptural approaches was the main goal of this year's selection. The exhibition is curated by Petr Hájek, the artistic director of The Chemistry Gallery. This year's show follows on from the group sculpture exhibition, which took place at the same location during 2020 and 2021. The ART PRAGUE SCULPTURE 2022 exhibition is part of the ART PRAGUE art fair, the 20th year of which took place in December last year.


Artworks from the following artists will be presented at the exhibition: Krištof Kintera Lukáš Rais Josefína Jonášová Sabina Knetlová Pavlína Kvita Martin Malý Róbert Palúch Dana Bartoníčková Jan Poš Sára Svobodová Ondřej Navrátil


​Dům Radost Winston Churchill sq. 2 Prague 3 - Žižkov

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