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Guided tour of the exhibition & launch of the catalogue: Petr Gruber - Silent Places

March 2nd, 2023 | 7 - 9 pm

Dear art lovers, please accept an invitation to a guided tour and launch of the catalog for our current exhibition: Petr Gruber - Silent Places, which will take place on Thursday March 2, 2023 from 7 pm at The Chemistry Gallery with the participation of the author and exhibition curator Petr Vaňous.

Through his works, Petr Gruber compiles a kind of map of experiences, a network of personal perceptions that reveal individual sensitivity in relation to the changes of specific environments in time. It is indeed the phenomenon of time against which the artist defines his work. He stops the flow of time. Gruber’s paintings provide safe dams or harbours for the ever-moving and flickering eyes. At the same time, the author reveals himself as a transforming subject who stands here as a fascinated observer. Gruber follows in the footsteps of the romantic characters portrayed by Caspar David Friedrich, who, observing nature, merge in their consciousness with the natural frameworks and elements, thus liberating their inner pattern that allows them to experience transcendental phenomena. In this way, the artist establishes a creative contact with the space-time definitions of what we might generally call a ‘human sojourn’, and what Martin Heidegger accurately described in the title of his book ‘Poetically Man Dwells’.

During the guided tour, the author of the exhibition will explain to you why he is particularly interested in landscapes, what his favorite places are, what role memory, concrete or random memories play in his paintings, and he will give you a glimpse under the hood of his creative process.

The exhibition lasts until March 11, 2023 We look forward to meeting you!


The Chemistry Gallery, Ovenecká 17, Prague 7.



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