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When was the last time you were at the planetarium?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

November 18th, December 2nd & 16th, 2021

The recorded performance combining music by Biosphere, a legendary Norwegian ambient musician, and projection by visual artist INITI made especially for planetariums, provide a unique opportunity to experience a journey across the atmosphere and to immerse oneself in the infinity.

The symbiosis of the meditative music ambience, the image on the edge of VJing and the spherical, concaved projection give viewers a strong physical experience, more impressive and freer than what virtual realities and 3D cinema permit, simulating the state of lightness, zero gravity, vertigo, or even a hallucinatory perception from the movement through the abstract cosmic space-time.

Tickets available on GoOut. ----------------------- Upcoming performances:

18.11. from 7:30 pm

2.12. from 7:30 pm

16.12. from 7:30 pm

>>Prague Planetarium, Královská obora 233, Prague 7<<

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