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January 21st, 2023 | 10 pm - 06 am

For the beginning of 2023, we have prepared another edition of the WELL WET party for you, this time we are bringing fresh wind from Iceland. Country with a population less than most major cities, Iceland frequently punches above its weight in music circles. Thor, a DJ and producer, has been a leading figure in Icelandic club culture and is often referred to as „The Godfather of Icelandic Techno“. The passion for electro and techno started in the early 90´s – then inspired by the fast growing German electronic music scene. The founder of the legendary Thule Records & Æ Recordings is well recognized for his finely crafted deep minimal techno music

Tickets at the door: 350 CZK

Come velvet, leave well wet!


Bike Jesus, Štvanice island, Prague 7



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