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WALL STREET: The first mural art festival in Prague

June - September, 2022

The Chemistry Gallery is the proud organizer of the Prague mural art festival WALL STREET, which will take place from June to September 2022. 5 unique murals - large-format paintings in public space - will be created in Prague. The authors of these art works will be world-renowned artists:

- Innerfields (Germany) - Interesni Kazki (Ukraine) - M-City (Poland) - Michal Škapa (Czechia)

As part of the festival summer, you can visit exhibitions at 4 Prague's contemporary art galleries, which are actively participating in the project (Villa Pellé Gallery, The Chemistry Gallery, Bold Gallery and Karpuchina Gallery). The gallery part of the festival will offer a show of contemporary work by leading artists who have been active on the domestic and international art scene for many years and whose work is influenced by graffiti, street art and public space.

The Wall Street Festival is complemented by a number of accompanying programs by participating galleries. The creators, gallerists, curators and other experts dealing with the context of art in public space will prepare thematic lectures, discussions or workshops. The main goal of these accompanying activities is to open questions on the topic of art in public space and to bring the street art & graffiti subculture closer to the public and also to children in an educational way.



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