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The latest catalogs for our exhibitions

March, 2024

Even last year, we did not slack off in our publishing activities and published several catalogs for The Chemistry Gallery exhibitions. We are therefore pleased to present another series of our recent catalogs to you:

Jan Heres - House of Menander

Jakub Švéda - May Day

/Edice Badokh/

Alžběta Jungrová - E-motion Disconnected

/Edice Badokh/

Jan Uldrych - ROD

/Edice Badokh/

Graphic design: Eva Hanzalová / @vajco

Photography: Petr Kopal /

Production: Eva Hromnik / @evahromnik 

Supervision: Petr Hájek / @petrhajek 

Thanks Badokh Foundation for supporting part of our publication activity

Price of the catalog: 500 Kč

DM if interested



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