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Exhibition Jan Heres - House of Menander extended

August 5th, 2023

The solo exhibition of Jan Heres (*1992) presents a selection of the author's works created in the last year. The continuously evolving series of monumental paintings naturally connects the various inspirations he drew during his past studies and art residencies. In one place, it combines the colors and aesthetics of Indonesian art, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the American continent, echoes of popular culture, the world of drag and drag queens, and the aesthetics of wrestling masks.

Due to high interest, the exhibition has been extended until August 5.

From July 28 it will be possible to get to us more easily from Karlín. The opening of the long-awaited footbridge, which will connect Holešovice, Štvanice and Karlín, is planned for this day.


Hala 40, Holešovická tržnice, Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, 170 00 Praha 7

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