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Green sparks

11.12.2021 - 23.1.2022

Exhibition of painters - Martin Herold and Dominik Běhal - is built on the contrast of different approaches to the medium of painting. The main creating moment of both authors is respect for art history and distance to their binding chronology. It is more about rehabilitation of a live relationship between the past deposited in specific works and expression procedures (not only painterly) and among the search for the current feeling, which is underwritten into the technical "point of view" itself. The world of photographic reproductions plays a distinct role here, through which the canon of art and architecture is spreading. Against linear alienation of individual works, both authors build the power of immediate authentic experience and the new materialization of the work. Including the experience of the analyzed "document", which provides information to the recipient and relieves it with emotion at the same time.

The name of the exhibition green sparks refers to the contradictory, sober magical ambition, for the returning necessity for many reasons to thoroughly explore the aura of the past. This "aura", which, at first glance, just blinks into the overwhelmed present, is actually felt as a crucial outline of the disappearing collective memory in which everything is added and from which today's accelerated civilization with all its sensory accelerators grows.

Martin Herold (1986) and Dominik Běhal (1988) are graduates of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. They are both graduates of the studio of painting III of prof. Michael Rittstein. Dominik is a graduate of this studio, Martin Herold continued his studies at studio of drawing (Jiří Petrbok) and he also went through two internships in the studio of visiting professor of Academy of Fine Arts (Silke Otto-Knap, Florian Paumhösl).

text: Petr Vaňous

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