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While gradually developing fonts, Zeb One maintained continuity in his creative work. He never really followed art trends, and his personal opinions and inventions were gradually shaped by graffiti, the street art scene, and also by an admiration for the aesthetic quality of floor plans, as we know them from urbanism and architecture.

The endeavor for the purest form - without gestural and emotional elements - ultimately and logically anchored him in a geometrical - abstract expression, based on typography. Calm and concentrated painting, in which the author emphasizes the ultimate perfection of the execution, arises from the purist idea of the absolute work.

It begins with a sketch verifying the proportional relationships, which the author then mechanically converts to the canvas with perfect accuracy. Over time, he has developed a strictly defined workflow, which includes, for example, the horizontal position of the painting mat or the order in which the individual areas of color are applied and covered. Throughout the lengthy process, the painting must always be under rational control; the finished work then gives the impression that it was not created by human hands. The flat space of the picture is articulated by individual surfaces and colors that are interconnected.

Although it seems to be primarily a purely optical effect of abstract geometric shapes, the image always hides a certain coded message. Only when we decipher it and understand the graph, does the hidden content of the work open to us.


Solo exhibitions


Geometric: Trafo Gallery, Prague


Another Yard: Fine Art Gallery in Cheb, Cheb


Letters2.0: Pierstone Art Soirée, Prague


Letters: The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


001: Grafficon, Prague


Group exhibitions


Kind of Blue: The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


One on One: Galerie Mega, Prague


Salon: The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


10 years Chemistry: Hall 17, Holešovická tržnice, Prague

Roxy Visuals vol. 11: Roxy, Prague

Walls: Art Fest, Žďár nad Sázavou

Dancing People Are Never Wrong: Jungmannovo nám. 6, Prague

Salón Chemistry: Jungmannovo nám. 6, Prague


Upon the paper #3: ONE TWO THREE Gallery, Prague

Passion: The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

City: Gallery, Kutná Hora

Art in space: m3, Prague

Candy Shop: Quadrio, Prague



Artifact: The Chemistry Design Store, Prague

Voodoo Session, Poděbrady


Voodoo Session, Poděbrady

Views: The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Kampart: Prague

Past Present Future: Trafačka, Prague


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