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Young International Contest of Contentporary Art (YICCA 2012)

4. 10. 2012 - 25. 10. 2012

Young International Contest of Contemporary Art is an international contest for young contemporary artists ( This year's exhibition will be displayed from 4.10. till 25.10. in The Chemistry Gallery in Prague. At the exhibition you can see works of 12 finalists that were selected by the international jury comprising of curators, art critics, artists and art journalists. The contest took place for the first time in 2009, last year's exhibition took place in Berlin.

12 selected finalists for YICCA 2012 are: Aleksandra Ignasiak (Poland); Andi Hila (Albania); Uday Chand Goswami (India); Kai Lin Tan (Singapore); Viviana Silva Flores (Chile); Massimo Arduini (Italy); Tony Fiorentino (United Kingdom); May Lim (Singapore); Nina Todorovic (Serbia); Chiara Quadri, Chiara Raffo, Marialuisa Pastò (Italy); Denis Trauchessec (France); Giovanni Odierna (Italy).

The expert jury consist of: Anabelle Rodriguez (USA); Claire Breukel (USA); Brad Clark (United Kingdom); Sara Liuzzi (Italy).

Selected finalists and jury members will be present at the opening.

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