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Horizon Events

7. 5. 2015 - 28. 5. 2015

The exhibition entitled Horizon Events presents the works of two artists with graffitti and street art background for whom this joint exhibition represents an important step from the street into the gallery.

Jakub Uksa (alias Obic), known for his calligraphic graffiti, drawing various forms of the name Obic in regular thick lines, has shifted his expression to geometric abstraction, while retaining a clearly recognizable and unmistakable style which he usually represents in public space. For Uksa, who participated in the 2012 international street art and graffitti exhibition in the Municipal Library entitled Stuck on the City, Horizon Events is the first gallery exhibition of his work on canvas.

Pavel Šebek (alias Uruk) uses a visually attractive combination of colour areas and blurred lines which are inspired by discarded wire tubes that can be found in a city environment. His works also result in geometric abstraction which suitably links the work of both artists, though the path leading to it has been different for each of them. Both Uksa and Šebek belong to the emerging group of artists whose background is in street art and graffitti and we will definitely hear about them again very soon.

curator: Petr Hájek and Pavel Kubesa

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