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Tomáš Tichý

Tomáš Tichý (1984) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2011). In 2009, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. His work is often shortlisted for prestigious art prizes (e.g. Wells Art Contemporary, the Columbia Threadneedle Prize, CBM Prize). His work was featured in the After Rembrandt exhibition project held at the National Gallery in Prague and at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne (2016 - 2021). He is represented abroad by the Italian gallery CRAG.


In his figurative paintings, Tomáš Tichý has been observing the changes that human sensitivity has gone through under the circumstances of the post-media era (characterised by the junction of various types of media) and the digital era. His work reacts to the flood of photo images and motion pictures that become, whether on a conscious or a sub-conscious level, an integral part of our lives, transforming the surface of reality and sculpting a new dimension of our perception that automatically involves elements of manipulation and equalisation. Tomáš Tichý studies how the world of new media interacts with certain visual genres such as fashion, sports, politics, and consumerism, and with the trend of creating attractive, easy-to-remember visual setups (artificial paradises) and idols (celebrities). He compares and examines the relationship between the traditional painting that hangs on a wall and certain new impulses that transform the linguistic framework of painting and set it into motion.


Petr Vaňous

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Solo exhibitions


Disconnected, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague (CZ)



Echo, Galerie Krystal, Havířov (CZ)



Monoscope, Peron Gallery, Prague (CZ)

In Private, (with Kateřina Čápová), HYB4, Prague (CZ)



Instantlife (with Ondrej Oliva), Kotelna Gallery, Prague (CZ)

About a Digital Dream, Crag Gallery, Torino (IT)

Waves, Museum of Modern Arts, Náchod (CZ)



Signal 2.0, The Embassy of Saxony in Prague



After Rembrandt, The National Gallery in Prague

Fortress, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague



Pentimenti, Peron Gallery, Prague

(an)organic codes (with Ondřej Oliva), The Kotelna Gallery, Prague




The Artificial Paradises, The Chemistry Gallery / BADOKH, Prague

Projection, Salon Vaňkovka, Brno



After the Supper, Prague House Brussels

Mein Blick auf die Dinge, Salve Art Gallery, Leipzig

The Theatre, The Chemistry gallery, Prague



On the Road - Verbindungsburo des Freistaates Sachsen in Prague

(The Embassy of Saxony)



All my Tiny Little Things - Primavesi Gallery, Olomouc

Tomas Tichy - paintings and Ondrej Oliva - sculptures, the Museum of Minsk

(Exhibition organised by the Czech Embassy)



Tomas Tichy and Ondrej Oliva - Water power station in Semily



Contrasts (with Jiri Lautenkranc), Trafogallery, Prague


Group exhibitions


Mikulovské sympozium, Zámek Mikulov

Rembrandt: Portrét člověka, Národní galerie v Praze, Palác Kinských

Deset let trvání cyklu Umělci do 40 let, Galerie výtvarného umění v Náchodě




Inside Rembrandt, Wallraf – Richarts Museum, Kolín nad Rýnem

PragArtworks –Velvet Edition, Prague



Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha

Wells Art Contemporary, Wells, Bishop´s Pallace, Somerset (GB)

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, výstava finalistů, Londýn



PragArtworks - group exhibition, Prague

The Art Of Making Catastrophe , Zoya Museum, SK



Misteriosa, Crag Gallery, Torino

Narciso, Crag Gallery, Turín

Look at me, Areacreativa42, Torino

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London

The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Pallazzo Strozzi, Firenze

Art Prize CBM - Torino, Prague, London



Art Copenhagen (September), Vimm Gallery

Summer show, Millenium Gallery

Temporary Contemporary, The Chemistry Gallery - Lobowicz Pallace, Prague

Forum Junge Kunst | Bayern – Tschechien 2015, Schönsee – Regensburgu – Pillsen



The Thereadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London

ArtPrague, Peron Gallery in Manes Gallery, Prague



Celeste Prize exhibition, Rome, Italy

„7“, Trafo Gallery, Prague

Biannual for Diaconia IV, Prague

Leinwand, Salve Art Gallery, Leipzig

No Show!, K4 Gallery Prague, Emil Fila Gallery – Ustí nad Labem



ArtPrague, The Chemistry Gallery in Manes Gallery, Prague



5/9 - Trafo Gallery, Prague

Caleidoscope, Kotelna Gallery - Prague

The Best of Graduates - The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Biannual for Diaconia III, Prague

Paintings - Orco Gallery, Prague

Paintings - Czech National Bank, Prague

Studio 363, Orco Gallery, Prague

Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Karlin Hall, Prague - catalog



Chance Project, Vltavin Gallery, Prague

ARScontact -  Confrontation - finalist - Prague, Brno - catalog



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