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So predatory

23.9. 2022 - 22.10.2022

After six long years since his last solo exhibition at The Chemistry Gallery, the painter Tomáš Němec presents himself with a cross-section of his latest work. You can look forward to all the painting themes that are typical for Tomáš Němek - floral still lifes, body portraits and landscapes with unmistakable Němec's rich colors. His paintings move on a pleasantly tantalizing and brilliantly balanced boundary between a realistic and relaxed gestural style, a romantic touch and dynamically played out statics of the given scene.

Tomáš Němec (*1986) graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in 2011, where he attended Michael Rittstein's studio. In the past, we presented his paintings, for example, at the Volta fair in New York (2017).

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