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Sequence Travel 

3. 10. 2019 - 10. 11. 2019​

Painter and graphic artist Jakub Uksa (*1981) belongs to a strong generation of Prague writers (OBIC), which entered the graffiti scene in the mid-1990s. His relationship to the font and the firmly defined shape is also determined by the study of the used graphics. Almost from the beginning, he drew inspiration from the manifestations of strong ancient and oriental cultures. He consistently created his works without sketching as an intuitive freestyle. He perceived them as a graphic puzzle, where the head works a few strokes ahead, and only with the last line does the purist composition close itself without the need to add anything artistically to it. In addition to the overall shape, he also experimented with "nervousness", the width and multiplication of the line. Sometimes he reached the limit of a pictograph. Jakub Uksa's compositions deceive with the body. While they may give off a sense of engineered expediency, they also involve improvisation and mystery. At present, in addition, he encodes elements of personal mythology into them through specific colors and shapes. The same is the case with the Sequence Travel exhibition, which looks back at his work over the last few years. As part of the continuous exhibition project Selection, we present Kryštof Rybák, who belongs to the authors of the youngest Czech sculpture generation. In 2007, he graduated from the figure sculpture studio of Jan Hendrych at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Initially, he worked with the application of enamel. Later, he gave preference to other materials - bronze, plastic and stone without using effective light and color impact. The world of animals provided him with significant supporting stimuli for free creation and a field for unbound sculptural creativity. He likes to experiment, putting together individual body segments like bizarre puppet kits. His works enchant with a subconscious urge to make you smile, with the feeling of encountering a liberatingly light view of the world, where everything doesn't have to be all serious and fateful.

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