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Zdeněk Trs & Alžběta Josefy

13/06/2016 - 18/06/2016

Both Zdeněk Trs and Alžběta Josefy are painters inspired by classical techniques in their work. They use the same methods creatively, bringing to life macrocosms (Trs) and microcosms (Josefy) based on equal principles, yet manifesting themselves differently. Trs’s perfect painting aims at the geometry of objects. The meaning of moon crescent appearing in the series is based on Baroque iconography, and once used to express Immaculate Virgin Mary. Sun disc in the Egyptian mythology was a symbol of knowledge, depicted in combination with the Egyptian god of heaven, sun and light: Horus. By using these symbols Trs plays an enchanting, minimalistically perfect game that speaks a universal language. The morphology is created on geometric basis, complemented with volume using light and shadow. Be it demonstration of physical laws or expression of iconographic symbols, his shapes on canvas always look for an order in the movement of objects within given format, from which volume painting is born, feeling like an illusion. An illusion so universally coded that everybody is able to understand it.

text: Petr Hájek


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