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Patrik Kriššák

Patrik Kriššák's inspiration is diverse and with this diversity, his manifestations naturally change. He creates thematic series of paintings in which he always consistently develops certain ideas and his relationship to reality.  He is interested in nature and not indifferent to how it will continue to develop. His paintings reflect values that we may lose or that we have been losing for years or even decades. They reference events that may not take place right before our eyes, they often remain hidden from most of us, but they still significantly affect our - but not only our - future.

One of the painter's most striking cycles consists of impressive paintings inspired by the infinitely changing shapes of coral reefs, which are an integral part of the beautiful underwater worlds that are increasingly threatened by our civilization. Patrik Kriššák is far from being the only artist enchanted by their charm and beauty. However, he is undoubtedly one of the few who can find the means of expression with which to express it convincingly. His work has an ecological undertone, but it looks optimistic, bright, and natural as if we don't have to worry about the future.
He is also inspired by artistic trends of the last century, including technical discoveries, and the possibilities that these discoveries bring to artistic expression.  Sometimes he uses quotes or interpretations of the work of great personalities of the second half of the 20th century, but with a completely different or even contrasting meaning. He comes up with his own artistic methods, allowing him to express his ideas uniquely. In Kriššák's work, order is supplemented by chance, which enlivens and enriches it.  There's an energetic gesture, but the images have a precisely determined rhythm. He often chooses pure color tones, which make sense with their harmony. His painting has a distinctive structure. It seems relaxed, natural, and it evokes pleasant feelings, even though it is actually critical of our society.

The artist's work is naturally influenced by today's lifestyle and the unprecedented development of natural sciences, technology, and electronics but especially with the transformation of communication between people, and the digitization of all areas of human activity which has irrevocably intertwined the real world with the virtual. Although these features enable us to pass messages faster and faster, it does not mean that we understand each other better than in the past. Patrik Kriššák does not depict reality, but rather the impression it makes on him. He deals with the relationship between man and his environment and is interested in the ruthless appropriation and deformation of nature by our civilization.  The simpler he expresses himself, the more convincing, comprehensible, and also aesthetically appealing his painting is.

text: Jiří Machalický



Solo exhibitions 





Double Side of the Coin, Art Gallery in Cheb


Global Weirding, Mars Lab Science gallery, Praha

Dust Bowl, gallery Petr Novotný, Praha

2020 / 2021

Extinction, Dům Radost, Prague




Goosebumps, Vnitroblok, Prague

Rude Awakening, (collab. I. Pavlíčková, A. Mikysková) Basement project, Olomouc

Bewegung, Flat gallery, Bratislava

Color Blocking, (collab. I. Pavlíčková) Galerie Dole, Ostrava

Beuys don't cry, Pragovka gallery, Prague

KOMIX, (collab. I. Pavlíčková, H. Slanina) Hala 17, Pražská tržnice




Drag and Drop, Gallery Petr Novotný, Prague
CHOKER, Holešovická Šachta, Prague




Parallel Stories, Badokh, Prague




Alternative violence, Gallery Saigon, Ostrava
Schift, Ivana Pavlíčková a Patrik Kriššák, Industrial Gallery, Ostrava
Patrik Kriššák, Julius Reichel, Štencův dům - Opero, Prague




Thist must by the DNA, the Berlin Model, Prague
Path, Gallery Jelení, Prague




Mystical Universalism, Gallery W7, Olomouc
Gallery Jekor, Prague




The Exact Dose, Gallery ARTATAK, Prague
Inversion, Gallery Lauby, Museum of Ostrava, Ostrava
Inner Events, Gallery Offformat, Brno




Nothing's going on, Gallery Prokopka, Prague

Gifts, Gallery 35m2, Prague




Ten to twelve, NoD Gallery, Prague
Hodge - Podge, Entrance Gallery, Prague
WE/OUI, GVUO, Ostrava




Klaipeda ART LAB, Lithuania




Group exhibitions


OFF HIBIT, DSC gallery, Prague


SIGNAL I., Telegraph gallery, Olomouc


Speed Art Dating for collectors, theorist and artist, Ex Post Prague

Alchymie II., Klášterní kostel, The Chemistry gallery, Sokolov

Maľba roka 2019, Cena VÚB, galerie Nedbalka, Bratislava

Butterfly Effect, YADMC, Karlovy Vary

Metronome Festival, The Chemistry gallery, Prague

VDIFF, Moravská galerie v Brně, Dům Pánů z Kunštátu



Can't Stop Kissing You, The Chemistry gallery, Prague
Dancing People Are Never Wrong, The Chemistry gallery, Prague
Finding boundaries in a post-media environment, GVUO, Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, Důl Michal, Ostrava




Winter selection 6, Flat gallery, Bratislava
Salon situation Ostrava, Důl Michal, Ostrava




The exhibition that will not be photographed, White Pearl Gallery, Prague
Energy, gallery U Přívozu, Hradec Králové




Zlín Youth Salon, the Regional Gallery in Zlín




Art in public spaces, Kukačka, Ostrava
Urban pangea people,Karlin Studios, Prague




50 words, bus MHD, Bratislava




Art Safari 24, Studio Bubec, Prague
The Price of criticism, painting and its effects, Gallery of Critics, Palace Adria, Prague




Startpoint prize, Wannieck Gallery, Brno
New Patterns, GVUO, Ostrava
Nuremberg Mills, Důl Michal, Ostrava




Only bold brothers, Gallery hall, FAVU, Brno
Painting I., Hall C, Prague
Painting I., Grand Gallery, Český Těšín
Operation Deep Mine, Ostrava
Painting I., City Gallery Synagogue, Hranice
Painting I., Důl Michal, Ostrava

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