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Gamekeeper Realism vol. 1

13. 5. 2022 - 12. 6. 2022

The first exhibition of Gamekeeper Realism will be one of the most controversial exhibitions of this year. The artist Filip Kůrka will present his paintings, which will draw you into the deep forests, where nymphs will hang out with hunters in green camisoles, game hunts and pagan rituals will take place. You will witness a clash of new and old worlds full of paradoxes. Kůrka's paintings are considered controversial and exaggerated. And they really are. Despite the fact that it presents us with a world full of fantasies and hidden desires, a large part of the works is inspired by the work of 19th century realists, whose legacy Kůrka pays homage through the paraphrases of their famous paintings. Kůrka's paintings are like a dream world, a garden full of forbidden fruit, all you have to do is pluck and taste.

Filip Kůrka (* 1993) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - he went through the studios of Martin Mainer and Jiří Petrbok. During his studies, he completed internships at the University of London and also in the studio of intermedia confrontation of Jiří David at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. He caused a great wave of controversy already with his diploma thesis How Babies Are Made in 2019.

text: Štěpán Mikulenka

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