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Marek Šilpoch

Marek Šilpoch (1992) was never one of the writers, but graffiti as part of the city’s visual culture has always attracted him. He was, however, closer to the electronic music and clubbing scene. He is also associated with sprayers due to his intense interest in fonts and specifically graphic design, which he devoted himself to together with the principles of visual communication during his studies at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts.

The school that he finished in Rony Plesl’s glass studio. His intermediate approach corresponds to the breadth of his scope. For several years now, his work has been characterizedby prefabricated lighting objects and installations with an emphasis on an industrial look. On one hand, there is a clean purity of shapes, on the other hand, dystopia and an almost cyberpunk aesthetic and unprecedented composition in the DIY style.

A wellthought-out design concept is mixed with intuition, and methods based on controlled chance and spontaneous interventions. He treats light like a color, which, however, he does not avoid and uses it in an action-like way - prints, drips, slashes.

He has a weakness for neon lights and old industrial components, be it light sticks, fluorescent tubes, or factory furniture elements. The combination of these elements serves not only to effectively shape his work but, above all, to emotionally transform reality and its experience.

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Solo exhibitions


The End of Beginning, Ústí nad Labem House of Arts 


Fragility od Context, The Chemistry Gallery 

Group exhibitions


Kind of Blue, The Chemistry Gallery 


Bylo nebylo nebylo bylo: Sklo, 8mička Gallery


Colours of transparency II., Praha, HYB4 Galerie


The Chemistry Salón, XYZ projekt 

Hlídka 2,1/18, Signal Festival

Prizma, White Pearl Gallery

Colours of transparency, Londýnský design týden



Spectaculare Art Show, The Chemistry Gallery, XYZ projekt 

Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, XYZ projekt 


Spectaculare Art Show, The Chemistry Gallery, XYZ projekt 



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