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Fragility of Context

26. 3. 2021 - 18. 4. 2021

Lighting art in the context of history and contemporary visual culture is the topic of postgraduate studies by visual artist Marek Šilpoch, who has been working on light installations for six years. Marek Šilpoch now makes a step in front of the audience with his premiere solo exhibition Fragility of Context, where he presents the way how he thinks about light and light installations. The basic building blocks of his current expression are recycled industrial elements in combination with various forms of glass and colored interventions. Glass, industrial elements and light create the bladerunner aesthetics of both individual works and the entire installation. The sensitive combination of individual elements allows Šilpoch to work freely with the fragility of the context of the original objects. With his interventions he places them in new contexts, influenced both by the original function of the object and by the author's coincidental or intentional intervention.

curator: Petr Hájek

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