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Jan Uldrych

The focus of Uldrych's attention is the inner world of experience, the boundaries of human perception, and the themes of the subconscious and memories. “I am interested in a certain confrontation with reality. We do not know with unshakable certainty where its borders really are, what it creates and where our source of consciousness is. I don't want to paint only the things I see with my eyes. I want to go beyond what we commonly call "reality". I am interested in the inner structure of being, something original, something that seeps from other levels of consciousness. This way we avoid lies - we are not transforming the outside world, but our experiences of another give us answers to what the world "out there" rather is not," says Jan Uldrych. All the more interesting are the resulting paintings by Uldrych. Imagination - traditionally understood as realistic (putting aside the issue of realism as "convention") - is presented in the paintings as completely unknown and unknowable, anchored in the reality of the unseen entity. The visual character thus resembles the abstract, nonfigurative positions of painting. Jan Uldrych is aware of this, and over time he began to reflect on the relationship between transparent depiction and the course, expressive gesture which is usually associated with abstraction. As a result, Udrych puts before us ideal and perfect windows with his paintings: we see the world beyond them
clearly and distinctly, but we have no rational experience of what we see out there, our mind simply does not have the concepts by which we can grasp what is being depicted. His paintings thus call for a "Wittgenstein silence" - What cannot be talked about must be kept silent." Therefore, the contours of realism and reality are shaped into a pure and clean creative and conceptually inconceivable image experience, in an attempt to resurrect the "innocent eye".


Solo exhibitions


Garden, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Fairytale, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague



Roots, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Kolo, Knupp Gallery, Prague

Prayer, Volta New York Fair, The Chemistry Gallery


The Cave, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Bug In The Head, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Source Code, The Chemistry gallery, Grid, Prague

299792, Knupp Gallery, Prague


Tera Incognita,GHMP, House at the Golden Ring, Prague

Group exhibitions


KOSMOS, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


22:22 3, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Can't stop kissing you, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Art market Budapest", Budapest

Vizuální mytologie", Regional Gallery in Jihlava, Vysočina


Between Spaces, Los Angeles


Spectaculare Art Show : Otisk hudby", The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Art Fair Cologne

Velvet and Glass, Los Angeles

Art Prize CBM Art Salon S Gallery III edition, Dancing House, Prague

Art Show LA Convention Center", Los Angeles, Knupp Gallery



CZECH in LA with Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles

Art Prize CBM, III Edition, Rivarolo Turin, Italy


22:22/2, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


An Unsuspected Space on the Border of Landscape and Soul, Letohrádek Hvězda

22:22, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Selection, Knupp Gallery, Prague

Contemporary realistic painting from the collection of Pavel Feigl Zdeněk Beran and his students, Black Swan Gallery, Prague 


PAINTOMORROW, Šumperk Gallery, Šumperk

Česká malba, Piešťany 

Again, Trafo gallery, Prague

Except for Alice - The Realm Behind The Mirror, Orlovna Gallery, Kroměříž


HYPE-R-R, Artprogallery, Prague

PREVIEW, The Chemistry Galery, Prague

4, Kotelna Gallery


Articulation, Diamont Gallery, Prague

PAIN(t), Šumperk Gallery, Šumperk


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