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Ira Svobodová 

Born 1986 in Prague. Ira Svobodová studied new media and painting at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, from where she graduated in 2012. In 2009, she went on an important study exchange to the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Her early work shows the influence of the specific formal vocabulary of modern or contemporary architecture. In subsequent years, her work sensitively analyzed the possibilities of geometrically modeling and structuring space through the use of clearly defined surfaces. She works in series in which she always clearly defines her current theme, though without creating art that remains strictly self-enclosed. Svobodová’s artistic style is founded on an uncommon leval of concentration, on precise order, and on the careful application of clearly chosen and reduced colors. Her series Papercut and Paravan in particular are popular among both gallerists and collectors. Svobodová’s work has resonated quite strongly in recent years, when her paintings were exhibited at a number of high-profile exhibitions, including her repeated participation at the Volta art fair in New York, and recently also at Viennacontemporary and Artgenève. She has also collaborated with gallerists in Los Angeles and Austria. 

text: Jan Kudrna 


Solo exhibitions


Paperwork, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Gaspard de la Nuit, GaP, Znojmo


Paravan, Trafo Gallery, Prague 

Framing Space, River Gallery, Los Angeles



Tubes, Pop Up Gallery, Prague



Inner Matter, CES Gallery, Los Angeles



Papercut, CES Gallery, Los Angeles 
Papercut & Noir, Volta NY, New York
Papercut | Ingredients | Prague | CZ


White Space, CES Contemporary, Los Angeles


Urban, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague


Group exhibitions


Artgenève, Geneva

Trio Feminin, Christine König Galerie, Vienna


T 9-2-7, Trafo Gallery, Prague 

Middle od Europe, GAD, Venice 

Signal II, Telegraph, Olomouc 


Trafo Art 2021, Trafo Gallery, Prague 

Karartena, Trafo Gallery, Prague 

Artgenève, Geneva 



Painting III, Gallery Vltavín and Gallery Millennium, Prague

Viennacontemporary, Vienna
Praha Berlin Barter, Urban Spree, Berlin
Äpfel Birnen Ananas, Christine König Galerie, Vienna 



10 Years of Chemistry, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
Trafo Pop Pupp, Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary
Dancing People Are Never Wrong, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Traveling Spaces, Volta, New York
Chemistry Salon, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague 



Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague 



Forum Junge Kunst, City Library, Pilsen 



Forum Junge Kunst, CeBB, Schönsee 



Burst, CES Contemporary, Los Angeles
8: PLBPRDLKSM, Trafo Gallery, Prague
10th Annual Thanksgiving Collective – Attitudes, Tripoli Gallery, Southampton

ArtPrague, Kafka House, Prague 

White Space II, CES Contemporary, Los Angeles


Heaven & Hell, Art Salon S, Prague
Future Tense, CES Contemporary, Los Angeles

Blurred Interface, Kvalitář, Prague
Salon d’Art, The River Gallery, Bratislava

SCOPE Art Fair, New York
Pink and Dangerous, ArtPadSF, San Francisco 



Clique, CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach
Ein Dutzend Jahre Malerei III, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Vienna

Small Formats, 5s Gallery, Prague
Continue to Continue, CES Contemporary, Los Angeles
Sculpture now!, Ministry of Culture, Prague
AVU Diploma Show, National gallery Prague
Flat Mad Collector, AMoYA, Prague
Way Around, Cooltour, Ostrava 



Levels of Contemporary Abstraction,
Prague City Gallery – House at the Golden Ring

Prague Paraphrase of Modernity, Uffo Gallery, Trutnov

Artbanka Kick off, DSC Gallery, Prague 



Artyč Art Fair, Meetfactory, Prague

Juicy Link, Trafo Gallery, Prague

Digitance, Polička 

Instant Dinner, Avoid Gallery, Prague 



Beira, Jet Set, Prague

KGBxVB, Hall C, Prague
Artbeat Festival, Arts Depot, London
New Media II, Czech National Bank, Prague 



AVU 18, NGP, Prague

Bohnise, V. Kolona, Prague

Nic na odiv..? Prague 



Six, PHP - Prague House of Photography, Prague Trafačka Opening, Prague

Trafo Gallery, Prague

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