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Filip Kůrka

Filip Kůrka (* 1993) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - he went through the studios of Martin Mainer and Jiří Petrbok. During his studies, he completed internships at the University of London and also in the studio of intermedia confrontation of Jiří David at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. He caused a great wave of controversy already with his diploma thesis How Babies Are Made in 2019.


Solo exhibitions


Gamekeeper realism vol. 1, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague 

Group exhibitions


Snake Trails, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague




Just Kids, The Chemistry gallery, Prague

Boys and Girls, New Gallery, Prague

NEUE WILDE, DOT Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava

The Most Beautiful Age, AVU, Prague




The Art of Making Catastrophe, Museum Zoya, Modra, Bratislava

Public Assemlny “How do we belong?, PLY GALLERY London

Dancing People Are Never Wrong, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

MDX Ma Final Show 2018, London

Free Range 2018, The Truman Brevery, London

10 years of Chemistry, The Chemistry gallery, Prague




Darling, AVU Gallery (GAVU) Prague

Zero Generation, Vysočina Gallery in Jihlava

Painting IV. 2017, Gallery Školská Prague

He was seventeen years old when he was sold into slavery, Dudes and Barbies Gallery, Prague

Sexpoed, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Sexposed, Faculty of Social Studies MU in Brno

Sexpoed, UPOL Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc

3xKůrka, Cultural Center, Prostějov




AKT 2016, New Gallery, Prague

Rooms 5, Containall, Prague

Attack Me, Floor, Ostrava




The first painting exhibition of the studio of prof. Martin Mainer, National Technical Library, Prague

The second painting exhibition of the studio of prof. Martin Mainer, Era Svět Bank, Prague

Paintings and graphics, Garage bar, Litomyšl

Filip Kůrka - Paintings, Café Portal, Uherské Hradiště




People and Pigs, Anne Frank Memorial Gallery, Brno

Filip Kůrka, realistic paintings, Cultural Center, Prostějov

Painting Symposium, Cultural Club, Uherské Hradiště

Paintings and graphics, Kavárna V Parku, Svitavy

Figures, traveling exhibition



Salon des Refugés, Café Portal, Uherské Hradiště




21, Kafé Portál, Uherské Hradiště

Water, Orlovna Gallery, Kroměříž

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