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17. 2. 2021 – 21. 3. 2021

In a new series of paintings by painter Patrik Kriššák prepared for the Extinction exhibition at Dům Radost, the author reflects on the current ubiquitous climatic anxiety, which also affects him as an individual. He does not try to be activist, but he inserts a subtle ecological message into the paintings. He chose the ecosystem of coral reefs, the extinction of which we are currently facing due to global changes, as the central theme of this cycle (hence the name of the exhibition and the entire Extinction cycle). Through paintings, he brings closer the beauty, but also the transience and fragility of underwater nature, and points to the problem through positive, not negative, emotions. Curator of the exhibition is Petr Hájek.


Patrik Kriššák (*1986) belongs to the numerous wave of painters of the youngest generation, which has been gradually gaining ground on the domestic visual scene since the zero years of the new millennium. In 2011 he graduated from the University of Ostrava in the studio Painting I. of prof. Daniel Balabán. In 2019 he was a finalist in the prestigious Slovak Painting of the Year award. Since 2011 he has lived and worked in Prague.

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