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Chemistry Abs

24. 1. 2011 - 3. 3. 2011

Dear art-lovers and The Chemistry Gallery fans,

allow us to invite you to the first opening in 2011. It will be opening of the first exhibition from new exhibition series called Chemistry Abs. This exhibition series aims to map contemporary trends in abstract painting. The exhibition will present artworks from 4 young artists: Samuel Pauco, Marek Cihal, Tomas Vavricek and Julius Reichel.

Student of FaVU in Brno and at the same time assistant of the famous acad. he had Martin Mainer's Samuel Paučo (1986) presents two of his positions at the exhibition - cast images and images created by printing. The leitmotif of these works is processuality and so-called controlled chance. In the first case, it is a process where the author often approaches the canvas in a horizontal form without an obvious idea of ​​the final tone. Through the gradual layering of color and structural chords, his image is revealed and defined in the process of painting. These are abstract paintings that hide an ironic undertone in relation to classic seamless formal abstraction. One of the paintings, for example, is called Sexy Pollock. The second series of images is created by their mutual interaction - an imprint. The canvas thus becomes the medium of painting itself, a kind of brush.

Tomáš Vavříček (1985), currently visiting Jiří David's studio at the Prague Academy of Sciences, works with the depiction of archetypal shapes in his abstract paintings, in which he finds the primordial essence of knowledge. He works with expressive expression, where the main expressive is not a specific object, but the use of a cluster of colors. Formally, in his abstract works, he uses basic shapes - square, circle or line. He takes inspiration from the Brno concretist movement focusing on the basic shape.

Marek Číhal (1986) studied for 2 years in the studio of Václav Stratil at the FaVU in Brno and now attends the painting school of Vladimír Skrepl and Jiří Kovanda at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He caught the attention of a wider audience at the beginning of 2010, when he won the Sympathy Award at the 2010 Finale of Young Paintings and Their Overlaps exhibition for artists under 30 at the Critics' Gallery in Prague. At the exhibition, he presents his abstract paintings, which to some extent can be considered the opposite of his typical works, in which he depicts animals, people and "sometimes something in between".

Julius Reichel (1981) from the VŠUP in Prague builds on his earlier street art work and presents his works, which can be characterized with some exaggeration as Basquiatian abstraction. They do not contain deformed figures and figures and instead work in a similar color style with shapes, space and color and their distribution within the composition of the image.

In addition to the presentation of abstract painting techniques not often chosen among young authors, the exhibition also offers a presentation of an interesting confrontation or perhaps a symbiosis of various studios of the Brno and Prague schools of fine arts.

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