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Alžběta Josefy

In her work, Alzbeta Josefy concentrates on objectivity. This is not for the objects themselves, however, but rather due to the causes which lead to their configuration. Through her painting she find further layers in created shapes, and within these layers she then goes in search of their junctures and models. Organic, cellular shapes illustrated this way are based on her fascination by human organism, woven from a number of smaller components that create one whole together. In her rendering even the illustration of inorganic forms exudes vitality and corporeality. Her work is characterised by a search for form within the process of painting itself. She creates her absorbing illusion using a principle where the painting brightens - washes through the applied paint. The result is an image which perceptibly encompasses all these phases.


Solo exhibitions


Uncertain Incentive, GASK, Kutná Hora


Resonance,Prokopka Gallery, Děčín


The Honey Gatherers, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Group exhibitions



After Rembrandt, National Gallery, Kinský Palace 

Nostalgie jako avantgarda, Pragovka, Prague 

22:22, The Chemistry gallery, Prague



Retina, 8smička, Humpolec 



Confluente 100 / Confluences 100, Galateca gallery, Bucharest

Out Of the Blue, Gallery 1.floor, Prague

Resonanz,Go Green, Art Gallery, Zürich

OSM, Trafo Gallery, Prague



Junge Prager Junge Berliner, Tschechisches Zentrum, Berlin

Junge Prager Junge Berliner, SMETANA Q, Prague




the solo project, Basel




AFTER REMBRANDT, Sternberg Palace, National Gallery, Prague 

»Querschnitt«, Alina gallery, Chemnitz

THE FACE OF PILSEN project, DEPO2015, Pilsen

Art Prague, Kafka's house, Prague

I LOVE LUCY, Sýpka Gallery, Valašské Meziříčí




22:22 2, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Půvabný Podivný Nahoru Dolů, Czech Museum of Silver - Hrádek, Kutná Hora




Zimní kompost, AVU, II,Artatak Gallery, Prague

Czech Painting 2013,Fontána Gallery, Pieštany

Addendum [On the Shortness of Life], Red Gallery, London

Graduates, AVU 2013, National Gallery, Prague

Amygdala, Budoart Gallery, Prague




Ein Dutzend Jahre Malerie III, Die Botschaft der Tschechischen Republik in Österreich

Scolarship, R. Matuštík - Duše v skrýši, Paffy's Palace, Bratislava




HangART–7 Edition 18: Czech Republic, Hangar–7, Salzburg




Definition of Beauty, Diamant Gallery, Prague




Defenestration, Gallery of New Town Hall, Prague

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