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Aleš Brázdil

Asides from a sense for the illusionar y nature of expression, Aleš Brázdil’s paintings are also characterised by the presence of a certain sense of visual irritation. Observation of the artist’s paintings arouses a feeling of profound unease. To transform one’s artistic abilities into a visual form – registering among observers as dynamic, of free-flowing substance, and that can freely continue to be further reshaped, manipulated, and reformed according to par ticular needs the author of fers an examination of an analogical world of a reproduced record, in which the static medium of both classic and digital photography, and the configurational time-based media of video, film, digital capture, and documentation are utilised. Brázdil is fascinated by the notion of a time capsule, fixed within the medium of choice, and which can be returned to at will. But what are the hidden motivations that lie behind the artistic “mining” that yields such reproductions?

text: Petr Vaňous


Solo exhibitions





Trance, ( 2) Dum Radost, The Chemistry Gallery

Crawling on bruised knees, Kotelna Gallery, Prague


Trance, Badokh, Prague

Pictures, Galerie Michal’s Collection, Prague

Portrait, Beseda Gallery, Ostrava




Highly Thin Joints, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague 

Sadly, for Me, K10 Coworking, Prague




Nobody Likes Me, Michal’s Collection Gallery, Prague




Group exhibitions



COSMOS, The Chemistry Gallery , Prague


Scope , New York, USA

22:22 (3), The Chemistry Gallery, Prague




Just Kids, The Chemistry Gallery , Prague




Art Market Budapest, International Art Fair, Budapest, Hungary 2016

10th anniversary of The Chemistry Gallery, Hall 17, Prague

Chemistry Salon, Jungmann Square, Prague

The Art of Making Catastrophe, Zoya Muzeum, Modra

DANCING PEOPLE ARE NEVER WRONG, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha


Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha


Artefakt, The Chemistry Design Store, Prague

Art for Heart, Mánes Gallery, Prague

Resurrection, Trafo Gallery, Prague

Klenova › ART ‹ Schwandorf, Klenova




Holy ways, Europeans Art Gallery, Prague

The Face of Plzeň, Depo 2015, Pilsen




Arnold and Children, Galerie Michal’s Collection, Prague

OSTRALE 014, Dresden, Germany

The Dark Depths of Happiness, Orlovna Gallery, Kroměříž

Temple of Freedom, Red Gallery, London, United Kingdom




The Dark Depths of Happiness, New Town Hall, Prague

Confidential Report ,Galerie NOD, Prague

Dog Days, Nau Gallery, Prague

Terminal, Mimochodem Gallery, Prague



Contemporary Czech Art, National Gallery, Prague

Czech Pictures, Galerie Piestany, Piestany

Dreams of Youth, Gallery Art Affair, Regensburg




Something Else, Dea Orh Art Gallery, Prague

Kick-off, DSC Gallery, Prague



Gallery Kunstverein Graz, Regensburg

Scarecrows, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague




Articulation, Galerie Diamant, Prague




AVU18, National Gallery, Prague
Defenestration, New Town Hall, Prague

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