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Vojtěch Kovařík 

1/8/2020 - 25/12/2020

Vojtěch Kovařík brings a singular sense of refreshment into today’s world of painting. He approaches the
question of filling a canvas from a different viewpoint than the one historically burdened with the conventions of the past. Rather than the development chronology of the history of art, Kovařík is far more interested in meaning, updated to reflect the current generation’s sensibilities. What is crucial is the artist’s sense for the material-oriented construction of pictorial composition. The point of departure can be found in his specific sensitivity to materials, to their character and the combinations that the artist has evidently retained from his time as a secondary school pupil (studying ceramics). 

A relationship defined by drawing (sketching) and realisation (through materials), manifests itself

into a strategy of pictorial composition in which the image itself remains in a constant state of flux between
a painting as a preparatory medium, and a painting as representing the final finished form.

text: Petr Vaňous

Catalog from the BADOKH edition 


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