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34 000 emotions

11. 5. 2023 - 21. 7. 2023

A human being is said to be capable of feeling 34,000 emotions. Joy and sadness, anger and fear, trust and disgust and surprise and anticipation. These eight emotions were identified already in the 1980s by the American psychologist Robert Plutchik and he arranged them together in their opposites in the so-called wheel of emotions. According to his theory, he creates certain emotions by mixing new complex emotions. There are certainly more than eight basic emotions that Hajdyla's paintings bring. Look into the pictures, start naming the emotions and let yourself be drawn into Hajdyla's imaginations without fear, in which even fear has only a fantastic dimension. 

Curator: Petr Hájek
Text: Bára Alex Kašparová
Graphic design: František Polák


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