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18. 7. 2013 - 18. 8. 2013

How many times during the day you experience a moment when you see 21:21 on clocks? Or 13:13? Or 16:16? Or 22:22? And how many times it happens in a week? And in a month? Does something come to your mind or do you think of something at this moment? This situation happens many times during a day, month or a year. Everybody has different connotations related to it. Someone doesn't think about anything, someone thinks he or she will be lucky and someone thinks he or she is loved by someone. The exhibition 22:22 should represent exactly this principle. Collective consciousness that is not precisely described by words but that is specific enough to create in everyone a feeling that there are moments when we are connected with people who we don't see at this moment but we know that they exist. This is exactly the principle that is connecting authors presented at the exhibition 22:22. All of them are authors whose work can be put under the umbrella of a term depictive figurative painting, hyperrealism or classical oil painting. Despite that not everybody would accept these terms to describe their work. They would maybe not even accept if someone makes a link between them based by the fact that majority of them were attending the studio of classical painting techniques of Zdenek Beran at Prague's Academy of Fine Arts. But even this is a link that connects them. Selection for the exhibition 22:22 was lead exactly by these principles. The exhibition will present authors whose painting mastery was already appreciated abroad as well (Royal Society Award for Jan Mikulka at the exhibition at Mall Galleries this year in London or Viewer's Choice Award at the exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery in London for Michal Ozibko in 2010 and for Jan Mikulka in 2011). It is right about time to present this generation of young Czech painters in such a compound form also in the Czech Republic.

curator: Petr Hajek

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