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22:22 3

2. 10 – 30. 10. 2020

The following authors will present themselves at the exhibition 22:22 (3) Boundaries of Recognition:
Jan Uldrych, Zdeněk Trs, Jan Mikulka, Michal Ožibko, Alžběta Josefy, Jakub Hubálek, Aleš Brázdil and Jan Petrov.


The third edition of the group exhibition 22:22 again brings together prominent authors who agree with the principles of pictorial realism. However, not literally and definitely not identically. If, on the one hand, they include Jan Mikulka, Jan Petrov and Michal Ožibko, who represent various forms of Central European hyperrealism, it is necessary to counter them with the minimalist position of Zdeněk Trs' paintings or the similarly reduced, but somewhat mysticism gravitating paintings of Alžběta Josefy. Jan Uldrych, Jakub Hubálek and Aleš Brázdil play the center of the spectrum similarly plastically and generously. We want to say how many authors, so many approaches - one language, an infinite number of possible speeches.


The doubt that naturally arises, and which, of course, points to the legitimacy of classical painting in the twenty-first century, is as misleading as the reflection on developments in art. However, taking it seriously - what is this all about? About the possibility of painting or imagery? About the potential of the human imagination? About the conditionality of our experience with the world? About our ability to record and share it? About what art is or what is it for? I think that all these questions are, to a certain extent, appropriate - the more there are, the better for us in the end. We are definitely not in danger of boredom here. Nevertheless, "on the spot", in the gallery, it is necessary to watch. Similar exhibitions are an exceptionally good test of our attention.


text for the exhibition: Barbora Kundračíková (Olomouc Museum of Art)

curator: Petr Hájek

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