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Zdenek Trs

Zdeněk Trs (*1985, Liberec) completed his studies in the glass studio of the University of Applied Arts in Prague (prof. Vladimír Kopecký) and in the classical painting techniques studio of the Academy of Fine Arts there (prof. Zdeněk Beran). In his work, he functionally combines elements of both. The original interest in the descriptive world and its grasp resonates with radical realist tendencies. Among other things, the painting Garden (2005), which is part of the collection of the Liberec Regional Gallery, dates from this period. Around 2010, efforts to make more significant use of the illusory possibilities of painting appear in his work. Over time, these lead to a reduction of all the tools and strategies used, the result of which is an almost minimalist focus on the general principles of geometry and luminosity. The conclusions reached in this way turn out to be completely universal and universally valid. This period is also represented in the gallery's collections (Aton, 2014; Oscilace, 2015).


Solo exhibitions


Gnomon, Regional Gallery Liberec, Liberec


Ashy glow, Trafo Gallery, Prague


Attraction, Galerie Ahoj Nazdar Čau, Liberec


AFTER REMBRANDT, National Gallery, Prague

Art Prize CBM III, Turin, I.




Visions, Michal's Collection, Prague




Horizons, Dea Orh Gallery, Prague




Gallery in the Chapel, Bruntál



Hermes Gallery, Jablonec nad Nisou

Group exhibitions


Parallels, Municipal Museum and Gallery Hořice, Hořice


Universum, Triennale, Olomouc Art Museum, SEFO, Olomouc

Summer art salon, KODL Gallery, Prague


22:22 3, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man, National Gallery Prague, Prague


Inside Rembrandt, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Kolín nad Rýnem


10 Years of The Chemistry Gallery,The Chemistry gallery, Prague

Art Market Budapest, The Chemistry Gallery, Budapest

Dancing People Are Never Wrong, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Foreign Worlds, Caesar Gallery, Olomouc

Chemistry Salon, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague




Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

The Art Of Making Catastrophe, Zoya Museum

Junge Prager Junge Berliner, Czech Centrum, Berlin

Fascination with reality, Musem of Art, Olomouc

Junge Prager Junge Berliner, SMETANA Q, Prague

London Art Fair, Crag Gallery, London


Jiří Dostál+21, Liberec Gallery, Liberec

Art for Heart, Mánes, Prague

Resuerection, Trafo Gallery, Prague

The solo project, The Chemistry Gallery, Basel


Art Prize CBM III, Christine Park Gallery, London

The face of Pilsen, DEPO2015, Pilsen

Et Cetera, muzeum MAXXI, Rome


I LOVE LUCY, Sýpka Gallery, Valašské Meziříčí

22:22 2, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Charming Strange Up Down, Czech Silver Museum, Kutná Hora


Et Cetera,Italian Cultural Institute in Prague

22:22, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Amygdala, Budoart gallery, Prague


Paintomorrow, National History Museum, Šumperk

Czech painting, Fontána Gallery, Piešťany


Contemporary Czech Painting and Sculpture, National Gallery in Prague

Contemporary Czech Painting, Dea Orh Gallery, Prague

View, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Artbank, Kick off, DSC, Prague

4, Kotelna Gallery, Říčany


Graduates, AVU, National Gallery in Prague


PAINt, National History Museum, Šumperk

Articulation, S.V.U. Mánes Diamant Gallery, Prague

Defenestration, Novoměstská radnice, Prague


1+2+8 Kopecky`s school, Deset Gallery, Prague

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