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You're so evil, spreading your gossip, You summon up the devil into yourself

25. 5. 2016 – 2. 7. 2016

An exhibition of new paintings by one of the most interesting narrator on the contemporary young Czech fine arts scene Jan Vytiska, who graduated from the Ostrava Faculty of Art in 2010. His paintings, set on folklore backdrops, depict depressing scenes full of figures in a baleful period of their lives. Frequent motifs are hollow eyes, burning cottages or the figure of a wolfman, all presented with a certain dose of black humour in a kind of vision of an apocalyptic village. His painting also betrays an admiration of the tradition of Czech draughtsmanship represented by the works of Jiří Trnka or Josef Lada, as well as of the new wave of Czech film from the 1960s, with its penchant for absurd humour. In 2011 the author won the Art Prague Young Award for the best young painter aged under 35 years.

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