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Spherical Light

21.6.2024 - 4.8. 2024

The joint exhibition of the artists Alena Kotzmannová (*1974) and Alžběta Josefa (*1984) is based on the author's and mutual inspiration. The subset of "inspiration" is represented by works thematizing the relationship between the inner and outer world through the phenomena of light, systems of basic spatial elements, spatial location, orientation and atmosphere, on the basis of which these relationships are perceived. The basic intuitive principles of the exhibition, which connects the expressive worlds of images, photography and object installations, are the model situation (the motif of the Sun), analogies (navigation lights – lighthouses), metaphor (motifs of language, heart, drops, eyes) and mystification (motif of waterfalls).


The curator of the exhibition is Petr Vaňous.

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