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Spectaculare Art Show 2024

14.3.2024 - 30.4.2024

The exhibition Spectaculare Art Show 2024 presents, through a group exhibition, the interplay of light and music through light interactive installations generated by music or movement. A group of four contemporary authors who are dedicated to creating generative light and immersive installations will transform the Portheimka Gallery in Smíchov into one large light installation. The interactive light exhibition in the premises of the baroque jewel will add charm and unforgettable energy to Portheimka. All four exhibiting authors will create an interactive light installation specifically for the Galerie Portheimka.

The exhibition is part of the multi-genre Festival Spectaculare 2024, which connects music with film, theater, dance, video art and other components of visual art. The goal of the festival is to present the latest trends in the field of audiovisual culture and thus stimulate local creative potential.

Presented artists:
Dan Gregor
Petr Pufler
Richard Loskot
Lukáš Dřevjany

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