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Sabina Knetlová

Sabina Knetlová's concrete sculptures are created using traditional sculptural techniques, but they go from descriptive to stylistic principles, which should primarily affect the situation of the figure. It is essential to link it with the space, to which it usually actively responds, and thus it becomes a part of it precisely as a mover of a specifically played narrative. The author experiments with contrasts of plastic forms. The basic material is concrete pressed into plaster molds, the surface of which it leaves raw open after removing the hull. The flexibility of rubber hoses or the austerity of prefabricated buildings oppose it. The combination of these forms creates an internal compositional tension of the work. At the same time, there is a "thematized" civilizational contrast between sculptural modeling of shape and industrially produced elements, ie the moment that is the interface of human presence as a gesture and human presence as an act of serial industrial production.

text: Petr Vaňous


Solo exhibitions



No matter the day, the moon came up, Karpuchina gallery, Prague


Group exhibitions


Archeology of banality, Dot gallery, Bratislava

Rossí & Knetlová, Einszwei gallery, Prague


SUP LEM END, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague

Concretely, Prostějov Contemporary, Prostějov

No drama, Czech center Brussels, Brussels

Middle of Europe, GAD – Giudecca Art District, Venice, from the Collett collection

Signal II. Telegraph gallery, Olomouc


The worker is mortal, the work is alive, Gallery of Fine Arts Ostrava

Commanded release, Telegraph gallery, Olomouc


Situation Silesia, Důl Michal , Ostrava

I, the island - exhibition of bachelor's theses, GAFU, Ostrava


Home, Rainbow gallery, Prostějov


The second wave, exhibition of the sculpture studio FU OSU, Český Těšín

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