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One hand washes the other

24. 10. 2012 - 15. 11. 2012

"One hand washes the other" is a fake attempt at "professional suicide of a curator". The proclaimed concept of "exhibition without curatorial intention" is intended to open up space for radical discussion and criticism (in the positive sense of the word) of the current form of the artist-gallery-curator relationship and thus create an environment for the formation and articulation of the ideological starting points of contemporary young art.

In addition, the exhibition connects and brings together two relatively independent scenes - the more conceptually tuned scene in Brno and the more "commodity" (again in the positive sense of the word) oriented scene in Prague. The only effort was to overcome the classic confrontation exhibitions Prague vs. Brno and thereby creating a mood for a more thorough and solid development of a "network" of artistic cooperation at all levels of artistic practice.

The exhibition presents a diverse selection of thirteen young authors, mostly associated with the Czech academic environment, who work with the medium of painting and image, with an overlap to objects (Kotrč, Perkof), or street art realizations in public space (Pasta, Škapa). A procedural approach in painting is presented by Paučo or Švéda, expressive figuration by, for example, Gogora or Němec, realistic tendency by Ožibko. The overall picture can reveal nothing else (and nothing less) than a kind of contemporary "zeitgeist" that has probably always become presentable in art.

The exhibition will feature:
Ondřej Kotrč
Michal Gogora
Natalia Perkof
Vladimir Novotný Kiva
Samuel Paučo
Ondřej Roubík
Pavel Příkaský
Pasta Oner
Michal Škapa
Tomáš Nemec
Michal Ožibko
Jakub Sweda
Aleš Brázdil

Authors of the exhibition:
Samuel Paučo, Petr Hájek, Pavel Kubesa

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