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7/5/2014 - 7/6/2014

Marek Nenutil (*1978), a personality once persistently associated with the environment of street art and graffiti (1993-2011), but has always been devoted to painting and various artistic techniques and expressions. He went through a number of art schools, for example with Garfice artist Jozef Odráška in Ostrava and Miroslav Bravenc in Brno. He also visited the painting studio of prof. Daniel Balabán Acad. painter at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava.

He illustrated books, magazines, posters, painted dozens of interiors and exteriors with entire visualizations throughout the Czech Republic. He created designs for T-shirts, collaborated on several art projects. Today freely

and brilliantly navigates the boundaries of contemporary dynamic figurative painting, objects and installations. He also creates collages, ceramics and graphic techniques.

text: Pavel Kubesa


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