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Ira Svobodová - Papercurve Move Serie

Ira Svobodová - Papercurve Move Serie


More about the artist

In connection with the Paperwork exhibition held at The Chemistry Gallery on 25 June - 31 July 2021, a rarely seen phenomenon occurred in part of the work of Ira Svobodová. The author created a small series of paintings called Papercurve Move. It is a series of six distinctive paintings, which, however, also function as an organic sequential whole, which additionally accentuates the proven color range that accompanies both currently presented series. However, this fact is not exceptional. However, what becomes remarkable is the process to which this series was subjected. For the very first time in Svobodová's work, an NFT is created. From this series, the author creates a pair of digital works, both of which in a certain way accentuate the dynamic and mechanical properties of the contents of these six paintings. Although the nature of the Papercurve Move series of paintings basically encourages a new position of artistic expression, the comprehensive concept of the author's expression is completed only through this graphic unit. It is a return to the technique of graphics after several years (Tubes series, 2017), but for the first time the author's work is concentrated in a graphic album in a very limited edition.

Jan Kudrna

  • size

    50 x 40 cm

  • medium

    digital print

  • year


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