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>>>WELL WET 02<<<

July 17th, 2022 | 10 pm - 6 am

Come velvet, leave well wet! Our dreams come true, we feel honoured to welcome the legendary German label GIEGLING. Their Weimar collective’s approach to music is something truly special and the vibe at their events is a must-feel for every electronic music lover. Join us for a magical journey full of emotion and the colour in the mysterious premises of the Gabriel Loci monastery. We are serving you 3 talents from their crew: Elli (DJ set), Konstantin (DJ set) a Leafar Legov playing Live. DJ support the residents of WELLWET party Ark3r & De Mode. The event is part of the art festival CO NÁM NEDÁ DEN MÁ NOC.


>>Gabriel Loci, Holečkova 10, P5<<

Tickets available at GoOut.



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