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SAVE THE DATE:opening of the exhibition Jan Poš - Time Fields

March 16th, 2023 | 6 - 10 pm

The exhibition titled Time Fields explores the relationship between virtual and real space. It expands the author's way of thinking about site-specific installation and the relationship of material objects with their 3D pre-images. The individual works that will respond to the premises of The Chemistry Gallery will draw the visitor directly into the basic coordinates of the 3D program, in which the works are created in the form of models and simulations. They are inherently perfect, unlike reality. At the same time, the center of the author's interest is primarily the process itself - the process of the object's transition from a virtual to a real form, during which the result cannot be estimated with certainty due to the action of many unpredictable influences.

Exhibition opening March 16, 2023, from 6 to 10 pm. The exhibition will last until April 8, 2023


The Chemistry Gallery, Ovenecká 17, Prague 7



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