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Pavel Šmíd's catalog - Bright Prospects

April, 2024

We have published a new catalog in the Badokh Edition for the exhibition of Pavel Šmíd - Bright Prospects, which is taking place in the premises of the Badokh law office.


The artist has divided the catalogue and the exhibition into three thematicgroups, where the topics of representation and self-representation are explored from the viewpoints of sculptural disciplines, model, and subject. 


The BADOKH Edition is an unique project within the Czech art environment, which connects the private for-profit sector with the world of the modern gallery of contemporary visual art, with a non-profit publishing house of art-oriented publications. The project is implemented jointly by the BADOKH Foundation and The Chemistry Gallery.


If you are interested in the catalog, contact price of the catalog is 500 CZK.


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