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Opening of the exhibition: IN ARTE VOLUPTAS

February 1st, 2023 | 5 - 9 pm

Allow us to remind you that on Wednesday, Fabruary 1, from 5 pm till 9 pm, the opening of the group exhibition IN ARTE VOLUPTAS will take place in the Portheimka Gallery (Štefánikova 12, Prague 5), which will present 27 contemporary Czech visual artists. The exhibition will last in the Portheimka Gallery from Feb 2 to Mar 31, 2023.

On February 1, 2023, the day of the opening of the exhibition IN ARTE VOLUPTAS, it will be exactly 150 years since the last meeting of the Schlaraffia association in the premises of the Portheimka castle. The Schlaraffia association is a male recessist association that was founded in Prague on October 10, 1859. The three goals of this worldwide association are friendship, art and humor. Schlaraffia has nothing to do with the Freemasons or the Rotary International Club. The Schlaraffs also distance themselves from carnival associations, with which they can easily be confused due to their tendency to humor and their colorful clothing that reminds the uninitiated of carnival. The symbol of Schlaraffia is an owl symbolizing wisdom. The name Schlaraffe probably comes from the Middle High German word slur-affe, meaning 'carefree reveler'. The slogan of the association is the Latin sentence: "In arte voluptas," that is, "In art there is pleasure." The association does not involve itself in everyday life and does not contain any ideology. On the contrary, it is demarcated against mundane (profane) life, so that members, at least for a time, forget about mundane problems and relax, devoting themselves to friendship, humor and art.

One hundred and fifty years after the last meeting of the Schlaraffia association in these premises, we are doing so with a group exhibition, in which it is not a thematic presentation of pleasure in art, but where the only bold goal is to achieve the pleasure of art in the viewer.

Music at the opening: 5 - 7 pm Leglegs 7 - 9 pm Lumiere

----------------- Portheimka Gallery, Štefánikova 12, Prague 5

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