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Markéta Kolářová - (No) Fantasy

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

March 25th - June 25th, 2022

You can visit the exhibition of Markéta Kolářová at Dům Radost until June 25. The themes Kolářová portrays refer to science fiction, fantasy worlds, pagan culture, but also to introspective themes and mental state. Who is Vesemir, Merlin and who is Tissaia, the faces from the author's paintings?

Markéta Kolářová (*1993) was born in Svitavy and lives and works in Prague. She studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio Painting III. under the guidance of Michael Rittstein, she graduated in 2019 in the studio Painting III. led by Josef Bolf. This year she was awarded second place in the Critics' Award for Young Painting.


Dům Radost, nám. Winstona Churchilla 1800/2, P3



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