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Jakub Tytykalo & Pavlína Kvita - Myth Game

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

December 11th 2021 - January 23rd 2022

Dear art lovers, let us invite you to the exhibition Jakub Tytykalo & Pavlina Kvita - Myth Game, which takes place in The Chemistry Gallery from Dec 11, 2021 through Jan 23, 2022. The works of sculptor Pavlína Kvita (*1988) and painter Jakub Tytykalo (*1984) are located somewhere on the border between archeological excavations of deep memory and adventurous computer strategy. They are traditional and contemporary at the same time. Despite their formal anchoring in reality, their non-verbal form prevents them from reading accurately, so in essence they are comments or references rather than literal representations. They capture fragments or play scenes from stories that we cannot completely decipher, even though we suspect that we know them well. Maybe that's why they're so appealing and eye-catching. Radek Wohlmuth, curator of the exhibition ----------------------- >>The Chemistry Gallery, Ovenecká 17, Prague 7<<



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