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Hájek vs. Forbes: about the past and future of The Chemistry

December, 2023

The Chemistry Gallery celebrates fifteen years of existence this year. On that occasion, curator Petr Hájek was interviewed by journalist Klára Čikarová for Forbes. The conversation touched on the very beginnings, which took place in two rooms near Jiřího z Poděbrady square, and through a number of historical moments and reflection on the present, he also peeks into plans for the coming years.

"I like to look for young talents that I can help enter the art market. I constantly follow art schools, workshops and diploma theses," says Hájek, citing Filip Kůrka, Matouš Háša, Jan Heres, Barbora Mikudová or Jiří Marek as examples. The most recent discoveries of Petr Hájek are Alexej Shahov or Matěj Janák, whose works are currently on view at the exhibition in the Dům Radost – it is written in the text.

What is The Chemistry up to? Which statues did Erasure singer's husband buy? Read the full interview!



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