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Guided tour of the Michal Ožibko's exhibition

August 9th, 2022 | 7 - 9 pm

Come to see the latest exhibition of the painter Michal Ožibko (Sale 3+2, 19m2 (ground floor) Prague 1), in which he presents "only" five paintings, which will reliably take up the entire space of the back gallery of Campus Hybernská. The exhibition presents two completely new cycles (a diptych and a triptych) of large-format portraits of the author, who is most often associated with the creation of hyperrealistic canvases on our contemporary art scene. He worked on the paintings for over a year, and the title of the exhibition critically and at the same time sarcastically refers to the increasing commoditization of art. Come and listen to what contemporary hyperrealism can contain.


Kampus Hybernská, Hybernská 4, Praha 1



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