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Next targets

10. 3. 2011 - 3. 4. 2011

The aim of the exhibition cycle Next Targets (Příští terče) is to find new upcoming talents of the Czech art scene that should become the new targets of art lovers, collectors, and gallery visitors in the near future. The exhibitions of this exhibition cycle always present a group of young artists whose artwork has some similarities and communication links – the artwork of the participating artists endorse and support each other. Their contemporary presentation should highlight their familiar characters, but also show their differences and should become the springboard of the career of young artists.

This year, the Next Targets exhibition will introduce two last year graduates of the Art Academy in Ostrava – Jan Vytiska and Pavla Malinova, last year's finalists of the award “Cena kritiky za mladou malbu”, both also members of the music formation Like She, and Tomas Prchal, a 3rd-year student at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of Michael Rittstein.

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