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Petty explosions

21. 1. 2010 - 21. 2. 2010

As part of the exhibition Petty explosions, Lucie Skřivánková presents her latest series of acrylic paintings inspired by cities that the author has visited in the past. The paintings thematically capture a section of a specific place in a given city and at the same time capture the author's immediate experience with it. The cycle is inspired by cities, as organisms that are constantly being destroyed and renewed. The representative element of the city and the main content is above all architecture. Architecture as a gesture in man-made space. The paintings record a static slice of reality - the story indicated in the painting is dynamized by moving the classical perspective space. The stories in the paintings are linked by a common denominator, which is the 'petty explosions' already mentioned in the title. The petty explosions represent both the author's presence in the given place and also her feeling of uprootedness and existential uncertainty in an unknown social and cultural environment. In the acrylic series, the author points to the element of imperfection of memory through fragments from urban landscapes. The paintings seem unfinished, the concentration of the painter's handwriting melts away from the focal point of the main plot. This shows the incompleteness and bias of the memory of a given place and experience - clouded by the drift of time. The cycle Petty explosions presents a subjective view of the architectural and atmospheric diversity of individual cities, torn from the influences of a multicultural society. The project searches for and visually processes a system that can be observed both on a large scale and in the small dimensions of everyday life. The first solo gallery exhibition of the talented young painter after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague last year. The exhibition presents brand new works by this artist, which have been prepared exclusively for this exhibition at The Chemistry Gallery. The work of Lucie Skřivánková is characterized by the broken perspective of interior corners.

exhibition curator: Marcela Straková

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