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Gamekeeper realism vol. 2

2.12. 2023 - 15.1. 2024.

Come to the second exhibition of Gamekeeper Realism, a group exhibition of thirty-three artists who are all connected in various ways to this fluid and progressively evolving movement, which provides the means for a new kind of artistic expression. The first exhibition was focused on a return to tradition using the visual means of hunting, while the second exhibition of hunting realism includes a much more diverse range of themes, subjects and visions, some of which lead to morbid, even decadent artistic creations. The authors also applied the humor-underscored darkness to the visual form of the poster, where the connection of metal aesthetics with hunting culture has its hidden meaning despite the fact that this combination may seem absurd. At first glance, the disparate mix of artists will surprise you with the complexity of the current art scene, when the boundaries between individual styles have dissolved and art has become one big ecosystem.

text: Štěpán Mikulenka

The following artists will present their works with a traditional hunting theme at the exhibition:

František Skála
Krištof Kintera
Jan Vytiska
Filip Kůrka
Roman Trabura
Dante Daniel Hartl
Marek Číhal
Anna Ruth
Jan Uldrych
Tomáš Jetela
Zuzana Svatik
Kryštof Rybák
Elsch Kolektiv
Martin Mulač
Vladislav Zabel
Michal Nagypál
Hynek Bařák
Karolína Netolická
Marcela Putnová
Anna Mária Beňová
Ivana Mojšová
Ondřej Navrátil
Jiří Bartoš
Tomáš Honz
Jaroslav Jerry Svoboda
Klára Sedlo
Pavol Stručka
Andy Allen
Michael Knoten
Kateřina Lada Traburová
Vojtěch Kůrka
Štěpán Mikulenka
Michal Cimala/Roxormen

Good luck hunting!

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